LIPIDZ Barrier Repair Cream 50ML


Lipidz Replenishing Barrier Cream for dry skin is the only scientifically developed cream for rapid replenishing barrier recovery. It is Especially designed for retinoid users and those with naturally dry skin.

✔️ See results in just 8 hours

✔️ Deals with the root cause of dry skin

✔️ Scientifically proven

LIPIDZ Barrier Repair Cream

We are all aware that our skin has a barrier that protects it from drying, external elements such as the sun, germs, and so on. We frequently damage the barrier by overcleansing, overexfoliating, and overuse of actives like as AHA, BHA, and so forth. The cream claims to replace lipids and rebuild the skin’s barrier.

Lipidz barrier repair cream for dry skin has a damaged barrier function due to a deficiency of skin lipids, this is the main cause of many skin imperfections and skin problems, including dry skin. Lipidz contains both physiological and non-physiological lipids (used in western country products). So, Lipidz plays an important role to re-establish the skin’s barrier function (skin’s defence system) by replenishing the skin’s protective Lipids’ inadequate quality.

(Lipids are the skin’s natural fats).

It has a non-greasy and non-comedogenic formula. It is ideal for all skin types including sensitive skin and eczema-prone skin

Recommended for tretinoin/retinoid users.

The barrier repair cream’s main goal is to replace the skin’s protective lipids and to heal the damaged skin barrier. It essentially heals any skin irritation, and dry spots, and moisturises the skin without leaving it sticky or heavy.

You will see results in just 8 hours.

Key Ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid, Ceramide, Squalene, Lecithin.


Apply gently to affected areas.



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