Pink Glitter Glow Face Mask 60ml


The Pink Glitter Glow Face Mask is the perfect addition to your skin care routine and can also be the perfect gift to a loved one.

Pink Glitter Glow Face Mask 60ml.
Directions for use – Apply all over to the face and neck (where desired) and leave on for 30 minutes.
Peel off to reveal a softer, smoother, firmer and tighter, hydrated supple skin tone.
Hot Selling Product! with active Ingredients:
  • Strawberry-Rich in Vitamin C nourishes & revitalizes skin removes excess sebum from the skin effective for skin lightening & brightening Promotes removal of blemishes.
  • Glycerin – Deep cleansing, treats acne, skin Infections, wrinkles & fine lines. Acta as an emollient making skin soft supple & hydrated. Combats dry skin fades dark spots and marks. improves your skin’s radiance, absorbs water from the air reducing dry dull patches on the skin. Increases epidermal layer thickness and improves barrier function it locks in moisture.
  • Rose Extract-Reduces skin’s redness contains antioxidants heals scaring
  • Erythritol – Lightens tightens lifts the skin


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